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Vintage Racing

vintage1 vintage2   -  602 Crate Engine Give-Away for vintage cars that are present. - Lap Money - Army Personel and Equipment on Display - Trainer Plane and Bomber Fly over Before Event - Lunch - Custom Made Trophies CONTACT to register  

Tribute to Canadian Armed Forces Vintage Classic Stock Car Race

At Humberstone Speedway Multi-Club Rules Package

MVSCC/EOVDM/PAVDM in attendance.

Drivers and crew must have in position their respective clubs current membership card, and be a

member in good standing for admittance as prescribed by Humberstone Speedway.

Classes: Open Modified, Modified Sportsman and Show

1 way radios Mandatory per track rules

Tires: Open to any dirt tire BUT Limited to 92-13/15” max. right rear. Any compound.

NO Drag tires.

Min. Weight:

It's been agreed upon an minimum weight of car and driver of 2450 lbs, after feature. No fuel burn-off


Top 5 will scale directly to scale after the feature.


No adjustable shocks

No suspension adjustments allowed from cockpit. Brake ballance bars permitted.

Carburetor 1” adapter/spacer combination

Modified – One 4 bbl. Big Blocks limited to One 2 bbl carburetor

Sportsman – One 2 bbl, including inline 6 cylinder engines

OEM frame and leaf spring cars.

Time trials are the goal, if time permits. Track has a 3 hr window to time trial all of the other

classes. We will use our “pill” draw for lineups for both time trials ( if time permits ) and or

heats, if required.

I might suggest to bring a transponder if you can get one, just in case.

Feature length dependent upon numbers of cars per class.  

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