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Eve of Destruction Rules

Eve of Destruction and Dawn of Destruction Rules
Your Safety is our number 1 concern therefore the following rules will be strictly enforced.
a) All drivers must be a minimum of 16 years of age with a valid drivers’ license
b) All drivers must have a full-faced helmet. Snell SA approved helmet recommended.
c) We highly recommend a fire suit and fire retardant racing gloves
d) All doors must be welded or bolted or chained shut. Recommend a door plate or 1"x2" rub rail allowed on outside of doors. Must have minimum six, ½" bolts with large washers on inside. No sharp edges.
e) We highly recommend a roll cage or roll bar with driver side bar.
f) Battery can remain stock under hood. Extra “clicker” type strap and rubber covering over battery recommended on stock mounting under the hood. Battery can be moved from under hood. But must be securely fastened with two threaded rods minimum 7/16" with flat bar on top and large washers under floor, in a marine type container or covered with air bag material or remain under hood. If not secure, battery will have to be moved back under hood. Do not recommend battery behind driver, recommend mounting on right side of car. Battery that is stock mounted in trunk or rear seat area must be securely fastened with two threaded rods minimum 7/16" with flat bar on top and large washers under floor, in a marine type container or covered with air bag material
g) Gas tank should remain in its original position. If not it must be smaller tank, marine steel tank or racing fuel cell in trunk with at least 4, 1” strapping, and a firewall separating the cockpit.
h) Lap and shoulder belts securely mounted and in good working condition. Racing 4 or 5 point harness recommended.
i) All non-metal interior trim and seats (other than drivers) must be removed.
j) Cars must not have broken glass, screws, bolts or garbage in interior or in trunk.
Car Specs
a) American or foreign manufactured street cars only. No Convertibles, pick up trucks, 4 wheel or all wheel dives, No Race Cars allowed, Pick up trucks will be allowed in trailer race only. Minivans will be allowed in the Eve but not allowed for the Dawn.
b) All glass and flammable material must be removed.
The windshield can be removed and replaced with heavy mesh Screen. Windshield area must have a minimum 1 ½” " round or square bar or 1 ½” x 1/4" thick flat bar in centre of windshield must be bolted top and bottom if windshield is removed. Will allow stock windshields but not recommended. Sunroof must be removed and replaced with body thickness sheet metal bolted or rivetted securely. Metal sunroof can remain if welded or bolted secure.
c) All cars must retain their stock appearance No cutting, chopping, channelling or shortening allowed. No cutting of wheel wells or fenders.d) Chrome and plastic trim on all sides must be removed.
e) No mirrors allowed anywhere on the vehicle.
f) A minimum 18" hole must be cut in the hood for fire extinguishing.
g) Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model
h) Maximum wheel and tread width is 8”
i) DOT passenger car tires only. No truck, slicks or racing tires allowed. Truck tires will be allowed for the trailer race.
j) No racing wheels of any kind allowed.
k) Engines must be stock for that make and model and in its original mounts.
l) No external coolers inside of car interior under hood allowed.
m) Antifreeze must be drained and replaced with clean water.
Racing Rules
a) Enduro starting positions are determined by registration order, with a prepaid registration given preferred starting position.
b) Pit stops will be permitted under a green flag conditions in a safe and orderly fashion.
c) Pitting under red will result in a five-lap penalty.
d) Excessive speeding in the pit area will be cause for disqualification
e) A red flag will be displayed only if the track is blocked or a roll over has occurred, or a drivers door is facing traffic. Cars moving under a red will be disqualified. All Roll over Contest cars must have a minimum roll hoop to enter.
f) For trailer race, trailers must be camper or start with boat and trailer combo or equal to camper and boat trailer must be pre approved to win race. If trailer comes off you must pull off the track. First to finish with something that resembles a trailer wins. No cutting of trailer to lose part or parts of it.
Demo Derby
a) No hitting drivers door. Intentional hitting of door will result in disqualification.
b) Gas tanks can be replaced with marine type tank or racing fuel cell mounted in rear seat covered with air bar or metal. Tanks must be securely mounted. Don’t use all round straps and screws it will not pass.
c) Stock appearing bumpers. No built solid welded bumpers, No reinforcement.
d) DOT street tires only. Tubes allowed. No doubled tires allowed, no truck tires and no welding valve stem protectors.
The safety of each car and all equipment is the complete responsibility of the driver/owner, and the driver/owner acknowledges this responsibility by participating in any racing activity at Humberstone Speedway.
All events excluding the School Bus race will be used to determine the overall EVE OF DESTRUCTION CHAMPION; the champion will receive a trophy and $500 cash and be recognized at the 2017 Humberstone Speedway awards banquet.

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