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Pro 4 Truck Rules

Humberstone Speedway officials attempt to be fair and maintain consistency with the application of these rules. Our objectives are fairness and safety. For every organization to be successful, it must have good rules and enforce them fairly. Cooperation of officials and competitors will assure our sport a bright future.
PREFACE These Pro 4 Truck rules supersede the rules contained in the previous year’s rulebook, as amended, and shall remain in effect, until they are superseded by the rules contained in the next annual Pro 4 Truck rule book. Humberstone Speedway reserves the right to amend and change any rule, during the current year. The rules and regulations set forth below are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and / or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others. Humberstone Speedway officials reserve the right to reject any entrant for any reason they deem necessary. All participants are to conduct in a manner that reflects favorably on the sport at all times. All fines, and/or suspensions will be in effect at all Humberstone Speedway race events. The interpretation and invoking of the rules, published herein shall be determined by Humberstone Speedway Officials, at their professional discretion. Any deviation from rules, specifications, truck weights and engine parts will be subject to the approval of our Chief Tech Inspector. However, should any approval prove to be an unfair advantage to the overall competition, Management reserves the right to rescind an approval it may have given, with one weeks notice. A Humberstone Speedway Chief Tech Inspector has the final say on all technical legalities of the night’s events upon completion. Our Chief Inspector reserves the right to disqualify a truck and/or driver based on the night’s events in accordance with rules and proper racing procedures. After a truck has passed tech, it may not be altered to any specification that would make it illegal. Any truck that carries an event tech sticker may still be subject at any stage to further tech and could face exclusion form the event. Please be advised that all rules will be applied strictly as per this rule book. Please do not try and bring a truck that is out of spec. You will have to do work at the track to return it to spec before being permitted to compete. Tech is required to ensure that all trucks are safe and evenly matched. It is in YOUR OWN INTERESTS to prepare a legal and safe truck.
DISCLAIMER Regulations: They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, and official. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. The tech inspector (s) shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHAL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATION. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the chief tech. Official. HIS DECISION IS FINAL! No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason o having passed through inspection unobserved. The tech inspectors reserve the right to add, delete, modify or update the rules at anytime in the interest of providing parity for all competitors. These changes may be making via an announcement at a drivers meeting, and automatically amend all specifications herein. All changes will be posted on the web site. It is the responsibility of the competitor to obtain and become familiar with the current rules pertaining to the division in which he/she chooses to participate.
PRO 4 TRUCK RULES It is the responsibility of each competitor to read, understand and comply with these rules. These rules are neither foolproof nor exhaustive. They are intended to provide fair and competitive racing for all who participate in this division. The spirit and intent of these rules the standard that will be used for competition at Humberstone Speedway. H.S. officials are authorized to decide if an equipment change or additions an attempt to circumvent these rules or provide an unfair advantage. H.S. officials can and will disqualify any entry in violation of the spirit and intent of these rules. Decisions will be based on common sense, consistency, impartiality and fairness. If there is disagreement or dispute regarding the meaning, interpretation, or application of these rules, H.S. chief tech. Official’s decisions shall prevail. If these rules do not specifically say that you can add, change, or modify something, then you should consider that addition, change or modification illegal. Any questions about the legality of an addition or modification not covered by these rules must be answered by H. S. chief tech. inspector, and their decision is final. Any participant who refuses to allow tech officials to inspect their car will be subject to the following: Any competitor who fails to follow the inspection instructions by the tech. official will be disqualified from this event and points and moneys from that event. For handicap purpose, you will be credited with a feature win. The New Humberstone Speedway reserves the right to add any amount of weight required to any location, or install a rev limiter on any Truck deemed to be too fast in order to keep this class competitive and fun. All weight is to be supplied and installed by car owner. REMEMBER STOCK IS STOCK AND WILL BE TECHED WITH NO EXCEPTIONS Any Truck under inspection will be allowed one driver and one pit crew or mechanic present in the tech area. NO ONE ELSE WILL BE ALLOWED!! Any harassment from any driver, crew or mechanic to the tech staff or any other track official WILL result in automatic disqualification, thus forfeiting all points and monies earned that race.
APPROVED TRUCKS: Open to 4 cyl. Pickup trucks, regular cab or extended  cab. No 4 wheel drives, SUV’s, convertibles, station wagons, sport cars, or any other vehicle made to look like a pick up truck, No front wheel drives, any other truck must be approved.
APPEARANCE 1. Truck body and overall appearance must retain all stock dimensions. 2. The body must be mounted in the original factory stock location in relation to the frame. 3. No chopping, Channeling, and or changing original bodylines. 4. Stock dimensions of windshield pillars must be retained. Windshield pillar and angle of windshield must remain stock. 5. All glass must be removed. Windshield must be removed and replaced with full screening (one inch square max.) 6. All lights must be removed and neatly covered 7. All trucks to be adequately numbered with 18" high numbers on both sides, roof and rear tailgate for scoring purposes. No duplicate numbers please. 8. Trucks must be neatly painted and lettered. 9. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR RACE TRUCK AND OPERATION.
INTERIOR AND FIREWALLS 1. Truck must retain stock firewall and stock floorboards in original locations 2. Rust holes must be patched 3. Rear firewall must be completely closed off from track with 18 gauge steel 4. No aluminum allowed 5. All interior must be gutted (Upholstery, seats, door skins etc.) 6. All doors must be welded or bolted shut 7. Pedals must be in stock location, No pedal extensions allowed.
BODY 1. Body must remain stock appearing; all holes must be patched with sheet metal. 2. All body panels may be gutted 3. All panels must be securely mounted to start each heat or feature 4. Wheel openings may be enlarged 5cm. (2) 1. 5.Truck box must be covered with either .40 gauge aluminum or equivalent in Tin, a tonneau cover may also be used providing it is securely fastened and not flapping in the wind
BUMPERS 1. All trucks must run adequately secured stock bumpers 2. Rubber replacement bumpers allowed 3. Factory bumper may be replaced with racing style bumper covers 4. No bracing outside the bumpers 5. No off road style bumpers allowed 6. Bumper shock brackets must be welded and or bolted 7. a 1" x 2" x 120" Side rub rail is mandatory, One each side of truck 8. Side rub rails must be tight to the body 9. Side rub rails must have ends beveled 10. No sharp edges 11. Front and rear to be 18" from track surface to centre of bumper 12. All steel and rebar bumpers must have a chain welded from frame to bumper so bumper is held on during impact 6" from each end
ENGINE 1. Must be stock 4 cyl. In line, no larger than 2.6 liters, max. .030 cyl. Overbore 2. Compression Ratio must not exceed 190 lbs 3. No dual overhead cams 4. Camshaft must remain stock for engine used 5. Must remain stock stroke
TRANSMISSION 1. OEM Stock only for that year and model 2. All gears must be in working order 3. Must have safety hoop for drive shaft, Shaft must be painted white with your car number on it 4. No cutting of flywheel to lighten 5. No aluminum flywheels 6. No lightened or performance clutches or pressure plates.
FUEL INJECTION 1. Stock fuel injection is allowed or may be changed to carbureted system with no alterations 2. Replacement carburetor must be box stock Holly #7448 350 cfm 3. Electric fuel pumps must have a switch to shut off fuel and be clearly marked within the drivers reach
INTAKE MANIFOLD: 1. Stock intake for same engine must be used, max 2 barrel carburetor with no alterations unless noted. Carburetor adapter plate no thicker than 1 1/8" including gaskets. 3. Choke plate may be removed. 4. Jets may be changed. 5. You may plug any unused vacuum ports.
CYLINDER HEAD: 1. Must be stock for year and make of the engine block. Single camshaft with 2 valves per cylinder. 2. No interchanging of engine parts (Cylinder head must be of same year& size of block). 3. No porting or polishing allowed. Maximum .030" machining on cylinder head. 4. Valves must remain stock and no aftermarket performance valves allowed. 5. Factory 8 spark plug engines will be allowed. 6. Stock OEM firing order must be used. 7. Only hydraulic valve train allowed unless OEM for vehicle and engine used.
RADIATORS: 1. Radiators must be of stock type only. 2. Aluminum radiators allowed. 3. Electric cooling fans allowed. 4. Radiator must remain in front of the engine in the stock position.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 1. The self starter must be in working order and located in stock position. 2. Only standard factory O.E.M. type production starters permitted. 3. All trucks must start under their own power. 4. Stock O.E.M. H.E.I. 4 cylinder Distributor no other cap or rotor. 5. Weights must be in working order. 6. No after market coils or modules. 7. Battery must NOT be installed in cab. 8. Battery must be securely fastened. A Marine style box with lid is recommended. 9. Positive terminal end insulated to prevent shorting (use of rubber is suggested).
FUEL CELL: 1. Fuel cells are mandatory. 2. Fuel cell is to be located in truck box area. May not be installed any closer than 30cm (12") from rear bumper, with a protection hoop. 3. No stock location tanks allowed. 4. No sloppy installations allowed. 5. No aluminum tanks allowed. 6. Fuel line must be one piece and also have a shut off. 7. PUMP GAS ONLY – Delta Sonic Pump Gas (CAM2) is not allowed. No additives allowed. No Aviation Fuel 8. 94 OCTANE MAX WILL BE TESTED 9. Must have a fuel shut off clearly marked on/off.
ROLL BARS: 1. A minimum six point roll cage is mandatory. 1 ½" O.D., l20 wall or 1-¾" O.D. 095 wall will have four horizontal bars on drivers side and two on passenger side, the right side of cage will not sit left of the frame rail, front and rear hoop allowed in front of rad and behind fuel cell.
SUSPENSION 1. Stock lower control arms only. Stock or poly bushings allowed. 2. Front upper control arms can be a tubular racing type, Maximum +/- 1" in length from stock allowed.
SHOCKS AND SPRINGS: 1. 1 (one) shock per wheel in stock position. No racing shocks. 2. Coil springs can be cut or racing springs can be used, must be stock diameter across (example 5 ½") any wire thickness. 3. Leaf springs must remain in stock position. Main leaf springs must be stock length and stock locating pin. Leaf springs left and right do not have to be equal. Leaf springs do not have to have the same number of multi leafs left and right. Multi leaf springs must be stock but can be modified by cutting or arching and de-arching. NO RACING LEAF SPRINGS. 4. Lowering allowed no drop spindles. Longer lower ball joints can be use to lower the truck. Rear leaf spring lowering blocks maximum 2" allowed. 5. Torsion Bars must have at least 2 safety steel bracket hangers, front & centre of bar.
REAR END: OEM Stock only for that year & model of your truck and must remain square in frame, may be locked by welding spider gears or spider gears can be replaced with a mini spool. Stock gear size for that rear end.
TIRES: 1. Any D.O.T. street tire, no snow, ice or race tire allowed. 2. All markings, name, numbers or letters must not be removed if so the tire will be illegal 3. Sipping , grooving and light grinding of tires allowed.
WHEELS: Steel racing wheels allowed with no less than 3" backspacing measured from back of rim to bolting surface. Maximum width of 20cm (8"). All Four wheels do not have to be same size and backspacing.
EXHAUST: Must extend past cab, securely fastened, mufflers allowed, exhaust pipe 2 ¼" OD max, headers allowed.
TOW HOOKS: Two hooks must be installed, one on front and one on rear for towing purposes.
BRAKES: 1. Stock O.E.M. brakes mandatory on all four wheels and must be in 100% working order. 2. No heavy duty or limited production parts. 3. No brake shut off devices allowed. 4. Only O.E.M. stock steel calipers, rotors, and hubs allowed. 5. All brakes must be in factory working order.
WEIGHT: 1. Trucks over 2200 cc engine size minimum weight 2850 lbs after the event with driver. Trucks with engines 2200 cc or less engine size minimum weight 2650 lbs after the event with driver. 2. Any additional weight must be securely fastened with two, minimum ½" diameter, grade 8 bolts. Can only use steel or lead for added weight. 3. No added weight in the driver’s compartment. 4. Added weight must be painted white with the truck number painted, engraved or stamped on each piece.
SAFETY: 1. Window Nets are mandatory on driver’s side. 2. No mirrors or reflective devices allowed. 3. Aluminum high back racing seat is mandatory. Must be securely fastened to the roll cage and or frame in six spots, Four (4) on the bottom and two (2) on the seat back. 4. No fiberglass seats allowed. 5. No floorboard installations. 6. The seat must be completely positioned to the left of the centerline of the car. (On the driver’s side). 7. All bars and sharp contact areas around driver must be padded. 8. Seat belts dated 2015 or newer is recommended. Belts must be mounted correctly as per manufacturers instructions. Belts must be in good condition, no frayed or torn belts. 9. Minimum three (3) inch wide, five-point racing seat belt harness mandatory. 10. Both ends of lap belts must be securely fastened to the frame and roll cage with high quality bolts, not less than 7/16 inches in diameter. ½ "recommended. 11. The steering wheel centre must be padded. 12. 2000 Snell approved or newer helmet. 2010 SA Snell approved or newer recommended 13. Steering must have a collapsible sleeve.
FRAMES: Rear frame rails may be repaired as per original equipment with max ¼" plate steel. You may use square tubing to repair frames, but no changing stock location.
RADIO COMMUNICATION: It is mandatory to have a one way radio or scanner. Frequency 454.000

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