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10 Rounds with the Champ….Rob Ledingham

SONY DSC1.  What is the best part winning the championship?
I think that winning a championship is an award that should go to the crew, and family.  Racing is a huge team effort.  It's not winning races, it's about hard work and commitment ! My guy's are the best, they deal with ME ! that's a job in itself lol, and the on going work involved in keeping the car going. So I think it's a huge compliment to my crew ! for all that they do . 2.  What are your plans for 2014?
Well that's another story.  I am running the late model again , Pete and Linda are letting me have a blast again !don't understand why ? but don't tell them lol , also helping my son advance in his racing.
3.  What was your best racing moment in 2013?
I had 2 best moment's in 2013.  First was watching my son win his first truck race, no feeling can beat that !!!!  the 2nd was winning the all Canadian, that was cool ! 4.  What can you have to do to keep up the momentum that you had in 2013?
Drink lot's of energy drinks to keep up with all the young guy's lol, had shoulder surgery in the off season, maybe that arm will work better now ! and keep it fun ! 5.  What was your overall opinion of the 2013 season at Humberstone?
It was a up and down year I think for everyone in our class.  The rules were very different for every driver, meaning that there were 3 or 4 different sets of rules that were run. Glad I drove and wasn't the tech guy !  This  year I hope brings more cars , now that there is supposed to be 1 set of rules. What is the one part of your racing program that you can improve over 2013?
6.  We will need to improve on everything, everyone step's up there game from year to year,for us we need to be retrained again cuz were old ! 7.  What driver have you learned the most from in your career to date?
I would have to say my dad, and my uncle Don (Gramp's) man they put up with a lot of stuff with me over 30 some years of racing, I think there should be an award for that too ! 8.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself pulling wrenches on a create late model for my son ! If I make it that far ! 9.  Who do you go to for advice at the track?
Well as I said earlier, I'm old, so i talk to myself a lot, usually the only answer I want to hear. My guy's have been with me so long , we just do it ! and have a whole lot of fun doing it. 10.  If you could race against anyone in any division in a one on one race, who would you want to race against?    That's a no brainer for me, it would be against my son , in a late model, would love to spin him out !! lol and to see what he really has ?

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