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10 Rounds with the Champ….Kyle Pelrine

SONY DSC1.  What is the best part winning the championship?
The best part about winning the championship is knowing that you are on top of your game, the best of the best.  That next year you are the guy to beat every night and no one is going to give you and inch out on the track.
2.  What are your plans for 2014?
The plan for the 2014 season is to build a brand new Camaro street stock.
3.  What was your best racing moment in 2013?
Winning the Merrittiville Speedway and Humberstone Speedway Championships in the same season, as well as racing my best friend for the championship.
4.  What can you have to do to keep up the momentum that you had in 2013?
To keep the momentum in 2014 is going to be tough.  We are moving up a class, and will have a new car.  It is going to take hard work and dedication from me and my team to succeed in 2014.
5.  What was your overall opinion of the 2013 season at Humberstone?
The track made lots of improvements, we seen fans back in the grandstands.  Plus there was amazing door to door action every night.
6.  What is the one part of your racing program that you can improve over 2013?
What I can improve on for 2014 is to make sure I am prepared with the new car.
7.   What driver have you learned the most from in your career to date?
I have learned a lot, from a bunch of drivers. My crew chief Brian Halliwell brings a lot of knowledge to the program. I watch Rob Murray and his smooth driving. My friends Kevin Knapp, Dave Small, and Evan Curtis are a big help.They have years of experience have a great deal of mechanical knowledge.
8.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself in the street stock division if they are still are around but who knows things change. I do know I will be racing something.
9.  Who do you go to for advice at the track?
If I need advice I can go to anyone at the track.  We are a close family of racers and everyone is willing to help out.
10.  If you could race against anyone in any division in a one on one race, who would you want to race against?
If I was going to racing anyone in a one on one it would be against Todd Gordon. he is very competitive racer

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