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10 Rounds with the Champ….James Thompson

SONY DSC10 Rounds with the Champ
by Steven Petty
2013 Street Stock Champion
James Thompson #00
1. What is the best part winning the championship?
The best part about winning the championship would have to be knowing out of all the drivers out there, you were consistently the best week in and week out.
2.  What are your plans for 2014?
My plans for 2014 are back and forth, we've added another street stock for our trips to the states and we plan on running Sundays at Humberstone full time.
3.  What was your best racing moment in 2013?
My best racing moment in 2013 would have to be winning the All Canadian, I was a brides maid the year before and not by much so winning it this past season really meant a lot.
4.  What can you have to do to keep up the momentum that you had in 2013?
I think the big thing is keeping a clear mindset every week, every year these cars and drivers get better and better and you just have to take it one week at a time.
5.  What was your overall opinion of the 2013 season at Humberstone?
My overall opinion about the 2013 season is that it was just unexpected, it started as a running joke with the 11R, Bryce would bug me Saturdays to come out saying it would be an easy win, so we went, and won, came back, won again, and we just didn't stop coming back.
6.  What is the one part of your racing program that you can improve over 2013?
Definitely one part of our racing program that we can improve is finding a buddy who likes working on cars so I can give my dad a break once and a while.
7.  What driver have you learned the most from in your career to date?
That would have to be the M1. Rob's pushed me since day one. He just knows how to push you to your limit so you can be the best you can be.
8.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, hopefully I could be in a higher division, it would be nice to find some good sponsors to further my career, as long as I'm still racing i'll be happy.
9. Who do you go to for advice at the track?
If I have a problem with the car, I go see the 56B. Brad knows all three of our cars like the back of his hand, if you ask him something he doesn't even have to think he just knows.
10. If you could race against anyone in any division in a one on one race, who would you want to race against?
 It would have to be Pete Bicknell, we all remember being kids and watching him dominate the sport, if I could pick anyone to have a one on one race with, I'd want to race against Pete.

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