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10 Rounds with the Champ…Mike Toovey

IMG_042910 Rounds with the Champ
by Steven Petty
2013 Pro 4 Truck Champion
Mike Toovey #2V
1. What is the best part winning the championship?
Finally realizing you no longer have to stress about the truck being perfect every week. Anything can go wrong so I'm always double, triple checking everything and making sure the setup is right for the track, when it's all over it feels like a massive weight being lifted off my back. The jacket is pretty sweet too.
2. What are your plans for 2014?
Rebuilding the truck and going for another Pro-4 Truck Championship.
3. What was your best racing moment in 2013?
The last race of the season, I wrecked in the heat race and, even with the championship on the line, every driver i was racing against came over to help in any way the could to get me back out for the feature. It was a huge show of class and sportsmanship that I'll never forget.
4. What can you have to do to keep up the momentum that you had in 2013?
It's tough because everyone in the truck class is getting better and better each year. Just keeping the momentum going isn't enough, you have to work on improving each week.
5. What was your overall opinion of the 2013 season at Humberstone?
The staff really went the extra mile to make race nights run smoothly and I think it definately showed in 2013. The racing was great and the fans definately got their money's worth each week.
6. What is the one part of your racing program that you can improve over 2013?
Being able to predict track conditions and get the setup bang-on. With minimal horsepower in a 4-cylinder truck, having the right handling truck makes a huge difference.
7. What driver have you learned the most from in your career to date?
I grew up watching the Modifieds race at merrittville every week and always imagined what it would be like to drive one. The older I was the more I learned to appreciate how they were getting around the track. I learned alot watching Pete Bicknell, Brian Stevens and Scott Wood. They each had a different driving style so it was always entertaining to watch them go head to head.
8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I'd love to be racing Sportsman, hopefully sooner than 5 years though.
9. Who do you go to for advice at the track?
Just about anyone will help someone out, It's like one big family, If not, Google.
10. If you could race against anyone in any division in a one on one race, who would you want to race against?
I'd have to say the first Pro-4 truck Champion John Low, But racing Modifieds just because I really want to try one out.

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