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Brachmann Visits Victory Lane Once Again at Humberstone

BRACHMANN, SARGENT, PELRINE, G.HAEGENS ALL BIG WINNERS ON CANADA DAY AT HUMBERSTONE SPEEDWAY!!! Port Colborne,ON by Les Mawson( The New Humberstone Speedway saw three first-time winners for 2012 and a repeat victor on the Canada Day Celebration presented by St.Catharines Truck and Trailer! In the 35 lap 358 DIRTcar Modifieds..Starting on the front row was Dave Small and Saturday's winner at Merrittville Speedway, "Fast Freddie" Carleton and on the drop of the green flags, Carleton looked like he was trying to make it two in a row, jumping out to the early lead and then holding it for the first seven laps. He survived the first caution period which was for a multi-car collision on turn three, which put third generation driver Erick Rudolph right beside him on the restart. Carleton was able to hold off Rudolph for four laps, but the "Ransomville Rocket" was not to be denied and grabbed the lead on lap 8 and then held it for the next 13 laps. Behind him was a fierce battle between Carleton and Chad Brachmann, making his first visit to the speedway in quite some time. Rudolph survived three caution periods for spins by Small, Randy Chrysler and the one that caused a bit of controversy, a spin by Carleton. Just as lap 22 clicked on the scoreboard, Brachmann got by Rudolph and another yellow flag came out for a spin by Travis Braun.Brachmann held the lead on the restart and went on to lead the last 13 laps. Meanwhile, Rudolph was having a good battle with Chris"the Real Deal" Steele for second while Tommy Flannigan, Jr and Mat Williamson were going at it hot and heavy. At the finish, it was Brachmann for the win, Rudolph second and Steele was third. Fourth was Flannigan and fifth went to Williamson. Heat winners were Larry Lampman Jr, Steele and Flannigan. J C Auto Street Stocks..This was the second leg of the "Top of the Rock" Street Stock Series and starting on the pole was Kenny Sargent with Chris Crawford, both Friday and Saturday nights winner looking to go three for three both here and at Merritville. On the drop of the green, Sargent grabbed the lead away from Crawford and then ran out to his own postal code! There was an early caution on lap 7 for a scary incident with John Babion, who jumped the Jersey barrier in turn four and had to be cradled off of it. After the car was put back down on all four wheels, Babion was able to continue. On the restart, Crawford was able to stay with Sargent better than the first few laps, but not really close enough to challenge. The real battle was going on deep in the field with Jason Fontaine and Paul Reichel racing each other hard. On lap 21 there was a caution for a piece of metal on the front stretch which bunched up the cars and for Crawford to try to get by Sargent. Again, Sargent was just too strong for Crawford and went on to the win. Fontaine was able to get by Crawford in the closing stages of the run to finish second. Crawford was able to hang on to third. Fourth was Reichel with Barry Blanchard in the fifth spot. Heat winners were Sargent and Crawford. Weekend Motorsports Mini Stocks..Starting on the front row was Jocelyne Wiley with Tyler Lafantaisie along side of her. On the start, Lafantaisie got the early lead with Kyle Pelrine following right behind him. This started a battle that lasted all race with both drivers taking turns leading and neither one of them getting a clear advantage. Only two yellows in this run, both of them just for spins. Finally, on lap 7 Pelrine was able to get a lead over Lafantaisie and even then it wasn't much of one. Even back in the pack, there were good battles all through the field. At the finish, it was Pelrine taking his win of 2012 with Lafantaisie coming in second and Brandon Iudiciani in third. Fourth was Rob Overholt with Nate Monahan in fifth. Heat winners were J.Wiley and Iudiciani. Niagara Auto Sales Pro 4 Trucks..Starting on the pole was Adam Williams with Danny Wurster along side. On the green, Greg Haegens shot to the outside of Wurster and grabbed the lead coming out of turn 2, heading down the backstretch. Soon after that, Wurster retired to the pits with mechanical issues. Haegens continued in the lead with a whole pack of trucks right behind him, namely Andy Imbeault, Mike Toovey and Adam Nicholls. Hilary Haegens was also in the mix for a while until she went too high coming out of turn 4 and smacked the front stretch wall. She retired from the race soon after that after the battery fell out of her truck. Friday night's winner, Taylor Vanderzanden, had a rough night tonight as he was involved in a collision between himself, Colton Ledingham and Merrittville Hoosier stock regular James Thompson driving Jamie Ayers' number 10. Vanderzanden would need a tow from the CAA tow truck as he lost his right rear wheel in the skirmish. Thompson and Ledingham came together again on the last lap causing the last caution period and setting up a last lap dash for the win between G.Haegens and Nicholls.Haegens was able to hold off Nicholls to pick up his first win of 2012. Nicholls was second with Imbeault third. Fourth was Lee Sleight who got around Toovey in fifth. Heat winners were Nicholls and G. Haegens. Next week, July 6, Dilts Piston Hydraulics presents a New Humberstone Speedway Weekly Series show with a Kids Pedal Bike race! Regular general admission to Humberstone Speedway, at twelve dollars, is still a bargain in today's economy! Families of 4 can take advantage of the Humberstone Family Pass Discount. For only 35 dollars you get 2 Adult Admissions, 2 Childrens Admissions (ages 8 to 13), 4 Hot Dogs and 4 PEPSI products! Watch the Niagara This Week for other specials to be coming soon! You'll find The New Humberstone Speedway 2 miles East of of Port Colborne on Highway 3, just 17 miles west of the Buffalo / Fort Erie border at the Peace Bridge. Now running Friday nights, the racing starts at 7:15 sharp with the pits opening at 5:00 PM and the grandstands at 6:00 PM. For further information, call Humberstone Speedway at: 905-834-4002 or Cosco Haulage at: 905-935-2886. Visit Humberstone on the web: and join your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Special thanks to our New Humberstone Speedway Weekly Series Sponsors and Divisions: Frontier Auto Dismantler Pure Stocks, Weekend Motorsports Mini Stocks, Niagara Auto Sales Pro 4 Trucks, J.C. Auto Street Stocks, Peters Excavating FASTRAK Late Models and Cosco Haulage DIRT-CAR Sportsman.   358 DIRTcar modifieds 1..3.. CHAD BRACHMANN..2..25..Erick Rudolph..3..17C..Chris Steele..4..72..Tommy Flannigan..5..6..Mat Williamson..6..22..Larry Lampman,Jr..7..15J..Tim Jones..8..96..Fred Carleton..9..69..Rob Pietz..10..67..Dave Small..11..21K..Randy Chrysler..12..108..Billy Bleich,Jr..13..44V..John Venuto..14..82..Kenny Winfield..15..76..Travis Braun.. 16..1A..Paul Ashton..17..88..Shayne Pierce..18..12..Chad Chevalier..19..38..Scott Wood..20..28..Todd Gordon..21..Rick Hoctor(DNS) J C Auto Street Stocks.. 1..25..KENNY SARGENT..2..1J Jason Fontaine..3..4C..Chris Crawford..4..711..Paul Reichel..5..31B..Barry Blanchard..6..9..Tyler Anderson..7..28..Jim Lampman..8..2..Lee Winger..9..08..Shawn Wilson..10..57..Murray Nicholls..11..23..Dave Bitner,Jr..12..11..John Babion..13..22F..Jordan Fidler..14..04..Rick Book...15..11R..Bryce Richardson Niagara Auto Sales Pro 4 Trucks.. 1..76..GREG HAEGENS..2..55..Adam Nicholls..3..32A..Andy Imbeault..4..11S..Lee Sleight..5..2V..Mike Toovey..6..04..Adam Williams..7..10..James Thompson.. 8..19Jr..Colton Ledingham..9..23..Craig Vlasic..10..7..Hilary Haegens..11..74..Taylor Vanderzanden..121..44..Danny Wurster Weekend Motorsports Mini Stocks.. 1..47X..KYLE PELRINE..2..96..Tyler Lafantaisie..3..79..Brandon Iudiciani..4..48..Rob Overholt..5..705..Nate Monahan..6..67V..Steve Vanderzanden..7..07..Jocelyne Wiley..8..17..Chris Laskey..9..4..Jason Coutu..10..71..Garnet Wilson..11..15S..Chris Sheppard..12..33..Greg Wilson..13..74..Jason Pietz..14..88S..Brandon Boychuck..15..114..Ron Loggie  

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