Port Colborne,ON by Les Mawson( On yet another gorgeous night for racing, there was one career first time winner, one first time winner for 2012 and four repeat winners on week 8 at Humberstone Speedway TUSA Canadian regionals Mr.Dirt Modifed Lite tour..Starting on the front row was a diverse pair of racers that one would ever see,the rookie, Rick Koabel and the grizzled veteran Randy Hollingshead. Unfortunately, for both,this would be the highlight of the night.On the initial green, Hollingshead would grab the early lead but the first of many yellow flags would slow the field.On the restart,defending Merrittville Champion Josh Sliter would grab the lead that he would hold onto for the rest of the race. Now this might sound like it would be a boring night but he had his hands full holding off some of his Merrittville bretheren,namely for the first three quarters of the race, Derek Wagner and then Paul Klager. Hollingshead was the cause of yellow number two and would retire shortly after. All of the other yellows were for spins with no major consequences. On the last yellow for a spin by Koabel, Klager would finally get by Wagner on the restart and set sail to try and catch Sliter. Sliter was using a high line around the speedway while Klager was using the low groove. Klager would get just close enough to let Sliter know he was there but couldn't get close enough to make the pass. At the finish line it was Sliter for the win, Klager was second with Wagner third. Fourth was Jason Corliss, who was battling an ill handling car all night,while fifth went to American invader Jim Bogett.Heat winners were Sliter and Corliss. Cosco Haulage DIRTcar Sportsmen..Starting on the front row was Matt Sharpe and Mark Chiddy and on the drop of the green, Sharpe grabbed the early lead and held it for the first two laps with Chiddy right behind him. Chiddy was able to get around Sharpe on lap three and take his turn leading for the next couple of laps until Greg Panunte started making his presence known. Panunte took the lead on lap 6 and then drove off into the next postal code. While Panunte was off in another world practically, all the action was behind him for second on back. Chiddy was battling with Adam Leslie and Gary Lindberg for many laps for the second spot while Austin Wood, BJ Willard and Dave Flannigan,Jr. were also going at it for a few laps,often three-wide and not touching each other! With no yellow flags to bunch up the field, Panunte had an easy time of it, coming home the victor with Leslie in second. Lindberg was third, Chiddy was fourth and Willard was fifth. Heat winners were Flannigan and Leslie. Peters Excavating FASTRAK Late Models.. In a repeat from last week, the front row was all Fort Erie boys, namely Kenny Winfield and Tim Gillespie and on the green, Winfield was able to outrun Gillespie for the early lead coming down the backstretch. His progress was immediately slowed by a yellow for a six car pileup in turn four. Only Don Speice was unable to continue. On the restart,Winfield again grabbed the point, but again was slowed by another crash in "Calamity Corner",turn four with another four car jingle with Adam Ferri getting the worse of the deal. After a pitstop, Ferri tried to come back and rejoin the field, but was unable and retired for the night. Once again, Winfield had the lead on the restart,but yet again,the yellow would fly for just a three car spin in turn four with everybody able to continue. On this restart, Gillespie was able to get by Winfield and hang on for the next seven laps, with Jordan Peters and Zack Carley nipping at his heels. Peters was able to get by Gillespie on lap 11 by using the low groove under the high line that Gillespie was running.Carley brought out caution number four on lap 15 by spinning in turn four. This put Darren Peters right behind Gillespie on the restart but Gillespie was able to hold him off for a couple laps including yet another yellow flag, this one for a spin by Bill Gill. On the restart, Gillespie was able to hold on to second for a couple laps,but Peters was too much for him and Darren was able to get by and try to run down his son ,the leader. Jorden was able to hold off his father and take his first career late model win.Darren was comfortable to take home second and Gillespie held on to third. Fourth was Paul Milligan while Winfield held on for fifth. Heat winners were Carley and Ferri. JC Auto Street Stocks..Starting on the front row was Barry Blanchard and Jordan Fidler.On the green, Jason Fontaine was able to drive down down low on Fidler going into turn one, take the early lead and hold it for the first 11 laps, surviving the two caution periods in the run. The first one was for a spin by Steve Robison and the second one was for Fidler, whose car came to rest just off of turn two with engine problems. On the restart, Paul Reichel was able to muscle his way by Fontaine and take the lead. Behind him, Blanchard and Charlie Lynch were having a nice battle to see who could get by Fontaine. With no other cautions to bunch up the field, Reichel was able to build a little bit of a lead over Fontaine who had his hands full with Lynch and Blanchard. Lynch was finally able to get by Fontaine but couldn't catch up to Reichel. At the finish it was Reichel picking up his third win of the year, Lynch was second and Fontaine was third, fourth was Blanchard and fifth was Chris Duschene. Heat winners were Reichel and Fontaine. Weekend Motorsports Mini Stocks..Starting on the front row was Rob Overholt and Jocelynne Wiley. A liitle bit of drama before the start as Brandon Iuduciani dropped off of the racing surface on the backstretch just before the green flag flew and could not get restarted. He was classified as a "Did Not Start" and will take a beating in the point race. On the green, Overholt,who was not in his usual number 48, would take the early lead and hold it for the first two laps, but his progress was slowed for a spin by Kyle Pelrine in turn four. On the restart, Aaron Wiley was able to get around Overholt and take the point.On lap 3, the second yellow of the race would come out for a spin by Nate Monahan. This bunched up the field,putting Overholt with Tyler Lafantaisie. On the restart, Wiley continued to lead, with Overholt and Lafantaisie beating and banging on each other. Meanwhile Pelrine was on a mission and mounting a charge through the field and eventually caught up to Lafantaisie and Overholt . Lafantasisie tried to keep Pelrine at bay but Kyle was having none of that and the two of them beat and banged on each other for most of a lap, until Pelrine got by.Pelrine didn't have enough time to catch up to Wiley and had to settle for second. At the finish, it was Wiley picking up his second win of 2012,with Pelrine second and Lafantaisie third. Fourth was Overholt and fifth was Jason Pietz in Overholt's usual# 48.Heat winners were Overholt and Wiley. Niagara Auto Sales Pro 4 Trucks..Starting up front was a pair of young guns,Lee Sleight and rookie Taylor Vanderzanden. On the drop of the green flag, it was Sleight taking the early lead coming out of turn two and then hanging on to it right up to the checkereds. But it wasn't as easy as it sounds as he had to fight off challenges from Andy Imbeault and then Mike Toovey. There was only two cautions in this one, both for spins. The first one was for Jamie Ayers and the second one was for Imbeault who was challenging for the lead when he spun. On the second restart,Sleight was able to get a good jump on the field and then hang on for the win. Toovey was having a good battle with Greg Haegens and Vanderzanden and was only able to get close to Sleight after taking care of those two. At the finish it was Sleight picking up his first win of 2012 with Toovey second and Haegens third. Fourth was Vanderzanden while rookie Colton Ledingham picked up fifth. Heat winners were Sleight and Imbeault. Frontier Auto Dismantlers Pure Stocks..Starting up front were Mason Smith and Brad Alward. Smith would have the early lead coming out of turn two, but Alward would be leading coming over the start-finish line. Alward would hang on to the lead for the first eight laps, but then Sam Iftody would make his presence known and take the lead on lap 9.No cautions in this race either and so nobody had the chance to catch up to the fleeting Iftody and he would take his third win of 2012. Second was the other Smith,Billy, while Kyle Rothwell would come home third. Alward would hang on to fourth,his best finish to date,and fifth was Mike Greene. Heat winners were Kyle Tomaski and Oliver Larocque. Next week is "School's OUT!" presented by the Reeb House with a School Bus race and School bus rides! Regular general admission to Humberstone Speedway,at twelve dollars, is still a bargain in today's economy! Families of 4 can take advantage of the Humberstone Family Pass Discount. For only 35 dollars you get 2 Adult Admissions,2 Childrens Admissions(ages 8 to 13),4 Hot Dogs and 4 PEPSI products! Watch the Niagara Shopper for other specials to be coming soon! You'll find The New Humberstone Speedway 2 miles East of of Port Colborne on Highway 3, just 17 miles west of the Buffalo / Fort Erie border at the Peace Bridge. Now running Friday nights, the racing starts at 7:15 sharp with the pits opening at 5:00 PM and the grandstands at 6:00 PM. For further information, call Humberstone Speedway at: 905-834-4002 or Cosco Haulage at: 905-935-2886. Visit Humberstone on the web: and join your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Special thanks to our New Humberstone Speedway Weekly Series Sponsors and Divisions: Frontier Auto Dismantler Pure Stocks, Weekend Motorsports Mini Stocks, Niagara Auto Sales Pro 4 Trucks, J.C. Auto Street Stocks, Peters Excavating FASTRAK Late Models and Cosco Haulage DIRT-CAR Sportsman. Pure Stocks 1-38s SAM IFTODY 2-5B BILL SMITH 3-14 KYLE ROTHWELL 4-01 BRAD ALWARD 5-8 MIKE GREENE 6-14s MASON SMITH 7-71 LEROY BUSCUMB 8-13 JACKIE GIANCOLA 9-54 KYLE TOMASKI 10-51J JON VINESKI AND 91 OLIVER LAROCQUE Mini Stocks 1-7w AARON WILEY 2-47x KYLE PELRINE 3-96 TYLER LAFANTAISIE 4-74 ROB OVERHOLT 5-48 JASON PIETZ 6-17 CHRIS LASKEY 7-71 GARNET WILSON 8-705 NATE MONAHAN 9-15s CHRIS SHEPPARD 10-33 GREG WILSON 11-14k KATIE COSCO 12-88 BRANDON BOYCHUCK 13-2EZ EVAN CURTIS AND 07 JOCELYNE WILEY Pro 4 Trucks 1-11s LEE SLEIGHT 2-2v MIKE TOOVEY 3-76 GREG HAEGENS 4-74 TAYLER VANDERZANDEN 5-19JR JR COLTON LEDINGHAM 6-7 HILARY HAEGENS 7-04 ADAM WILLIAMS 8-32A ANDY IMBEAULT 9-44 DANNY WURSTER 10-10 JAMIE AYERS 11-55 ADAM NICHOLLS AND 23 CRAIG VLASIC Mod Lites 1-17 JOSH SLITER 2-1 PAUL KLAGER 3-61 DEREK WAGNER 4-19 JASON CORLESS 5-12 JIM BOGETT 6-23 JEFFREY MAY 7-26 RAY SLITER JR 8-27s RICH KOABEL 9-08 CODY FLEMING 10-77 RANDY HOLLINGSHEAD 11-04 PHIL WILSON AND 9 JARED TURNBULL 1-711 PAUL REICHEL 2-19 CHARLIE LYNCH 3-1J JASON FONTAINE 4-31B BARRY BLANCHARD 5-22MX CHRIS DUCHESNE 6-3 CHRIS SCHNEIDER 7-X STEVE ROBISON AND 22F JORDAN FIDLER FASTRAK Late Models 1-11p PETERS 2-1p DARREN PETERS 3-15 TIM GILLESPIE 4-M5 PAUL MILLIGAN 5-82 KENNY WINFIELD 6-8 ZACK CARLEY 7-14 SEAN FREY 8-79 GARRETT STEPENS 9-49 BILL GILL 10-28 ED CARLEY 11-17c ADAM FERRI AND 88 DON SPIECE Sportsman 1-99P GREG PANUNTE 2-15 ADAM LESLIE 3-28 GARY LINDBERG 4-54 MARK CHIDDY 5-77JR BJ WILLARD 6-7 CODY McPHERSON 7-74 DAVE FLANNIGAN 8-31 MATT SHARPE 9-38 AUSTIN WOOD 10-66 DARRELL FARRAWAY 11-3A ADAM HILTON 12-12A JEFF ARMSTRONG 13-1 JOEY MASTRIOANNI 14-33 GREGG RAUSCHER AND 88 CHRIS BELLAMY  

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