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Herbison Wins DIRTcar Sportsman in Fall Nationals; Sears Jr Series Champion

By Martin Bélanger

Brockville, Ont – Sunday, October 16, 2011 – The final race of the Mr DIRTcar Sportsman Series was presented on the revamped schedule of the 3 rd edition of the Northeast Falls Nationals at Brockville Ontario Speedway. With a high amount of cautions in the 50-lap feature, patience was the key, Chris Herbison survived several restart and won his biggest race in his career.



2011 Brockville champion, Chris Herbison led the way on the initial green with Steve Bernier and Cody McPherson following the leader. Mathieu Desjardins was able to pass McPherson for third on lap 6.



Several cautions paved the way in the first 15 laps has Herbison was able to resist to charges from St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Bernier. Desjardins slipped up to 6th on lap 17, with Herbison, Bernier, McPherson, Shane Pecore and Tim Sears Jr, in front of the Sorel, Quebec driver.



The feature race got to lap 20, with numerous position changes behind Herbison as McPherson was now second with Bernier, Desjardins and Pecore the top 5 at that point.



Top 10 runners Justin Wright and Shane Pecore got together sending Wright on his roof in turn 1 sending his chances of securing the second place in the MrDIRTcar Series as he entered Brockville tied with Josh VanBrocklin. Wright was ok as his car suffered heavy damage.



Tour regulars, Sears Jr and VanBrocklin were now behind the lone leader Herbison on lap 30. Herbison is able to keep his edge over his competitors with Mike Mainse cracking the top on lap 39.



With 5 laps to go, Herbison had a comfortable lead over Sears Jr., the Brockville, Ontario native led wire to wire to capture his first tour race of the 2011 season over Sears Jr, VanBrocklin, McPherson and Mainse completes the top 5.



Sears Jr., came to Brockville with his second consecutive MrDIRTcar Sportsman title locked in. with a strong third, VanBrocklin got the second spot after Wright`s accident earlier in the feature.



MrDIRTcar Sportsman Series Race —Brockville Ontario Speedway, 3rd annual Northeast Falls Nationals, October 16, 2011 Event Summary




Feature Results: 1) Chris Herbison, 2) Tim Sears Jr, 3) Josh VanBrocklin, 4) Cody McPherson,5) Mike Mainse, 6) Matthieu Desjardins, 7) Steve Bernier, 8) Shane Pecore, 9) Brent Kelsey, 10) Dylan Evoy, 11) Louie Jackson Jr., 12) B.J. Willard, 13) Mitch Primeau, 14) Ryan Arbuthnot, 15) Josh Jock, 16) Doug O’Blenis, 17) Jessica Powers, 18) Jenna David, 19) Steve Barber, 20) Guy Ouellette, 21) Robert Delormier, 22) Kenny Polite, 23) Wyatt Mullin, 24) Kaven Poliquin, 25) Bruce Phillips, 26) Justin Wright, 27) Sheldon Hoogwerf, 28) Anthony Stockman, 29) Tabatha Murphy, 30) Adam Hilton,







Herbison (1-50)



Heat Races (8 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to the feature, top 2 went to redraw)



#1: Bernier, VanBrocklin, Phillips, Polite, Barber, Arbuthnot, Ferguson, Czienge, Robertson, Breen




#2: Desjardins, Herbison, Hilton, Murphy, Delormier, Rozon, Ouellette, Buzzell, David, Vacarelli



#3: Pecore, Wright, Stockman, Mainse, Aikins, Mullin, Kelsey, Poliquin, Winters, Powers



#4: Sears Jr., Evoy, Hoogwerf, Primeau, Willard, Cook, Thompson, Mills, Wilson, Barnes




#5: Jock, O’Blenis, Jackson Jr., Copp, Bennett, Godard, Thurston, Billings




Consolation Races (10 laps, top 3 finishers transferred to the feature)



#1: Barber, Poliquin, Mullin, Copp, Cook, Kelsey, Godard, Robertson, Ferguson, Powers, Billings, Buzzell, Vacarelli, Mills



#2: Delormier, Ouellette, Arbuthnot, Willard, Winters, Bennett, Aikins, David, Wilson, Thurston, Thompson, Rozon, Czienge




Brockville Ontario Speedway MrDIRTcar Sportsman Series Race Roster (49)

1m Mathieu Desjardins/Sorel, QUE


2 Jenna David/Akwesasne, NY


2T Chris Thurston/Watertown, NY

3 Adam Rozon/Cornwall, ONT

03 Josh Jock/Akwesasne, NY

3a Adam Hilton/Buffalo, NY

B3 Steve Billings/Brockville, ONT

4 Jeff Philipps/Ottawa, ONT

5 Wyatt Mullin/Finch, ONT

6 Roger Varacalli/Brockville, ONT

6m Mike Mainse/Kingston, ONT

7 Kenny Polite/Prescott, ONT

07 Guy Ouellette/Granby, QUE

7c Cody McPherson/St-Catharines, ONT

08 Kevin Bennett/St-Catharines, ONT

8a Dana Aikins/Alexandria Bay, NY

10 Josh VanBrocklin/Watertown, NY

11x Brian Copp/North Gower, ONT

12 Corey Barnes/Cornwall, ONT

15 Shane Pecore/Cornwall, ONT

18jr Louie Jackson/Akwesasne, NY

19w Justin Wright/Piffard, NY

21 Robert Delormier/Cornwall Island, ONT

25 Steve Bernier/St-Hyacinthe, QUE

26jr Ryan Robertson

27 Sheldon Hoogwerf/Prescott, ONT

27g Gilles Godard/Summerstown, ONT

30 Brent Kelsey/Rockland, ONT

32 Doug O’Blenis/Shannonville, ONT

33 Corey Winters/Newington, ONT

44 Todd Ferguson/Prescott, ONT

44x Dylan Breen/Brockville, ONT

49 Kaven Poliquin/Drummondville, QUE

52 Jessica Powers/Kingston, ONT

57 Anthony Stockman/Watertown, NY

63 Chris Herbison/Brockville, ONT

66 Tabatha Murphy/Prescott, ONT

M70 Billy Cook/Akwesasne, NY

r70 Ryan Arbuthnot/Brockville, ONT

72 Larry Czienge

77jr BJ Willard/St-Catharines, ONT

80 Steve Barber/Landsdowne, ONT

80eh Doug Buzzell/Brockville, ONT

83 Dylan Evoy/Brockville, ONT

83x Tim Sears jr/Clay, NY

84 John Mills/Smiths Falls, ONT

88x Mitch Primeau/Summerstown, ONT

333 Chris Wilson/Cornwall, ONT

954 Justin Thompson



DIRTcar Racing in the Northeast Region is brought to fans by several sponsors and partners; including Hoosier Racing Tire; VP Racing Fuels; GM Performance Parts, Nationwide Insurance and Safety-Kleen. Promotional partners include the University of Northwestern Ohio and Chizmark Larson Insurance Agency. Contingency sponsors are ASI; Bert Transmissions; Bicknell Racing Products; Bilstein Shocks; Brodix; ButlerBuilt; Comp Cams; Intercomp; JE Pistons; KSE Racing Products; Motorsports Safety Systems; MSD Ignition; Penske Shocks; Racing Electronics; R2C; Super Flow; Vicci Racing Apparel; WIX Filters; Wrisco Industries; Xtreme Lubricants and Extreme Mufflers.





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